She moves in mysterious ways…

She moves in mysterious ways.

Best Blogs in Goddess Worship

Thank you.

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4 Responses to She moves in mysterious ways…

  1. Hi there, just wanted to drop you a line to say that I really liked going through your blog. I actually looked for an RSS feed that I could subscribe to but really coudln;t fint it anyplace. Anyways, good job.

    • aroomofheroine says:

      Thank you. What specifically intrigues you about my blog?
      There is a rissole feed (pun intended) on the front page, right hand side.

  2. hello! awesome web! I am a ordinary visitor to your www (whole lot like addict ) on your www even though I had a a doubt. I am only not very positive whether it is the right place to ask, but you’ve got no spam comments. I get comments just like ByGcCnbuy hand historyIZWadL regularly. Will you help me? Regards.

    • aroomofheroine says:

      Thank you Jacquline. Assuming you are not trying to sell me something by including that link, all your answers relating to rubbish such as that which you just included a link to, can be found in the help section. What specifically about my post intrigued you?

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