Aroomofheroine is the nom de plume of Kylie J. Lawrence, Sydney-based writer and imaginist for screen, page, and heart.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Wait, am i really tired or is there no place to leave comments on posts? I’m hooked….let me take a step back…the thought of a movie about time travel is a big snore for me but I so want to see that Safety Not Guaranteed movie….what it is about intellectual humor that leaves slapstick, shoot-em-up so in the dust? and your previous post – so you’re a redhead? I’m not a lesbian but jut curious now about the color of your hair. More excited about the fact that someone among the teensy population making their way to my blog (53 followers + you makes 54 thankyouverymuch) gets my humor down to the most subtle nuance. If you tell me you have ADD I’ll swear we were twins separated at birth! Thank you for stopping by and especially for commenting – I live for the comments!!!


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